Learn Jewish is here to help other Jewish organizations execute their own Missions – we aim
to complement, supplement, and catalyze the effectiveness of other Jewish groups. We
don’t compete – we support and enhance by partnering with you and using our unique,
unconventional tools and channels to bring Jews to you. We are your boomerang.

Learn Jewish is here to build lifelong Jewish affinity, pride, and involvement among our
fellow Jews – of all backgrounds, in all localities, of all viewpoints.

Learn Jewish is here to encourage and give a platform for all kinds of Jewish expression.
Whether you are a hip-hop artist creating cutting-edge Jewish music, a group of high school
friends who want to launch a service project, a mom-of-four who would love to hold a
monthly challah bake, or a Rabbi or Jewish Teacher who is looking to expand your platform
to segments of the Jewish world you might not readily have had exposure to, LearnJewish is
here to support you. We live by our motto: Create Jewish, Learn Jewish, Be Jewish.

Learn Jewish has a triangular organizational structure: three mutually-supportive
operational Cornerstones anchored around the LJ Brand, the LJ Mission, and our
management Core. Our three programming Cornerstones are: (1) Chesed/Kindness; (2)
Jewish Affinity; (3) Outreach.

• We at Learn Jewish are utterly committed to Transparency, Accountability, and Good
Governance in our use of resources, funds, and in our relationships with partners, affiliates,
and donors.

• We are currently building out and implementing our Seed Campaign and Launch Phase
programming. We invite you to view some of our current materials and projects showcased
both in our Packet and on our website, and to review our Strategic
Overview. We ask your help and support.