Tel Aviv, Israel

An Unorthodox Orthodox.
Emcee and Music Producer

Genre-Hip Hop



1/14/19 Israeli American Music Showcase-DENVER, CO. USA



Ohad Cohen was born in central Israel in 1985.

Since an early age, he discovered a unique passion for Hip Hop and R&B music.  (Even when it wasn’t too popular around him, and more specifically for someone  his age).

However, thanks to developments in the early internet days, Ohad found out about a group that shared a similar passion for this unique music style that he did.  Meeting in Tel Aviv, they formed what became the beginnings of the Israeli hip hop scene.

It was at the age of 16 that Ohad first took the stage. Sweeping enthusiastic comments led him to be invited to freestyle on Israel’s major Hip Hop radio show “Esek Sha’hor” as a result of this first performance.

Ohad also went on to win two of the first freestyle rap competitions in Israel as well as contributing his share of skill as a DJ, performing alongside now known artists such as Nechi Nech, Soul-J and Lukach.

Shortly after doing his army service, Ohad began soul searching and became more aware of his Jewish heritage. He found himself glowing in love with the messages of Chassidut and decided to devote himself to the calling.

But even though he traveled far beyond his known surroundings he never neglected his passion for music.

Ohad began to produce his own tracks in order to make the kind of music he always dreamed of, and learned the art of production from a small closet room while still studying in Yeshiva. Ohad, with help from talented people that gathered  around him began to compose material that he would envision for his first album.
Ohad’s story and music were featured on major platforms such as Vice’s “Noisey”, “Ynet”, “Walla!” and others.

Today, Ohad is married and a father of four children. With the skills he gathered along the way he is still pushing out music and pursuing his dream – to create positive and inspiring music, that you can groove and dance to



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